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¡ Feel like an F1 on the track! !

The RENO F1 wheels They offer high performance at high speeds with the best compromise in durability.

Composed of a rim designed so that its entire surface has the same hardness and prevents the wheel from wearing more in some areas than others, so that it is not conical.

Finished on the outside with a rounded part and the inside with a bevelled finish, so more speed and increased braking are achieved.


  1. Greater output response.
  2. More speed with less physical effort from the player.
  3. Less wear and longer wheel life.

The hardness of the F1 is 92A, which means that it is designed for medium hard surfaces, common among players who usually play on Parquet and/or Terrazzo.

Broad: 29mm

Diameter: 61mm

Who is it recommended for?

  • Players of all levels
  • Players looking for high quality wheels
  • Players interested in specialized material

expert recommendation Advice from Our Experts

"RENO's F1 Wheels are perfect for players of all levels. Specialized wheels are practically mandatory to have a good development in the world of hockey.
Designed to last with high performance.
It is important to take into account the type of court where you play, since these wheels are for parquet and terrazzo. If you play on polished concrete, you will not get the full potential of these wheels.
If you have questions about the model you need, contact us, tell us where you play, and we will tell you what you need."


Broad: 29mm

Diameter: 61mm

Hardness: (92A) - Balance between speed and grip - Medium-hard

Pack of 8 wheels

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