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¡ Gain momentum and let nothing stop you! !

JET Professional Brakes , also known as Pads, are composed of rubber and silicon that achieve greater grip and less wear.

Valid for players and goalkeepers, depending on the competition you play, colored cleats may not be allowed. It is recommended to confirm first, if in your country, competing with colored cleats is allowed.

The white cue is more popular, since it is accepted in all countries where roller hockey is competed.

Available in 8 colors, they are sold in a pack of 2 brakes, since it is not advisable to have different wear on your brakes, as it can unbalance correct braking and stability.

One size.

Composition: Rubber and Silicon

Color: multicolored

Pack : 2 units

Who is it recommended for?

  • Players of all categories and positions
  • Players looking for a confidence brake

expert recommendation Advice from Our Experts

"Brakes are a must-have in your hockey bag, as you never know when your cleats might tear or break during a game or practice, and JET brakes are a great choice.
It is usually advisable to change at the same time, since although we all use one foot more than the other during braking, if we are uneven, it can affect the start .

Available in multiple colors, if you are not sure of the regulations in your country, look at the colors of the rest of your colleagues, or simply choose the white color, which is approved in all countries, due to the little residue it leaves on the surface. clue. "


Composition: Rubber and Silicon

Color: multicolored

Pack : 2 units

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