Roll-line Suspension Rubber Set for MATRIX template (Pack of 4 High + 4 Low)


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Special suspensions for Roll-line skates exclusive for the MATRIX model.

The directional rubber They are a fundamental part of the skates and must always be in perfect condition so that the skater can obtain their maximum degree of efficiency from them.

  • Product made of elastomer, which gives it a quick and at the same time fluid reaction allowing correct execution of the edges.
  • They are made up of an upper pair (larger) and a lower pair (smaller).
  • Available in 5 hardnesses (colors).
  • The rubber set consists of 4 pieces (4 upper or 4 lower).

Each plank size comes with a specific suspension stiffness.
If the athlete's needs are different, a replacement suspension kit can be purchased separately.
Consult the guide to choose the most suitable suspension.

REFERENCE WEIGHT Up to 45kg From 45 to 55 kg From 55 to 65 kg From 65 to 80 kg More than 80kg
IRON MEASUREMENT 140 - 150 160 170 - 180 180 160 - 170 - 180

expert recommendation Advice from Our Experts:
" It is advisable to check the condition of all the components of the skate every time it is used.
In particular, that there are no cracks or missing pieces on the surfaces of the directional rubbers and that the stud nut is correctly adjusted.
Roll-line recommends replacing the directional rubber every 6 months to guarantee optimal performance.
If you need individual units or help with installation, contact us or stop by the store, and our workshop service will be able to help you."


Material: Elastomer

Superior: h. 15 mm Ø 28 mm - Reduced

Lower: h.15mm - Ø28mm - Conical

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